Chinese Companies Hiring Online English Teachers In 2017

August 19, 2017 master 0

You no longer have to fly to China in order to get a decent English teaching jobs. There are plenty of online companies recruiting Americans and Canadians to tutor students through video or audio feeds from the comfort of their own homes. English Town   English Town has been operational since the 1960’s and has recently expanded to an online audience. They take applications for both online and in-person teachers. The pay is expected to […]

Relocating Abroad To Work At A Power Plant

June 29, 2017 master 0

Did you know that there are currently more than 60 nuclear reactors being constructed around the world? As a former UK engineers, there are many opportunities available overseas. There is a strong demand for low-level and for high-skilled engineers in different countries. There are job opportunities in different fields, including design, manufacturing and production. There is a strong need for affordable energy but some countries do not have access to the right talents. If you […]

Make Your Kids Multi-Lingual With WeSpeak!

June 16, 2017 master 0

When it comes to raising your children, education is the up-most priority. Your child’s early years are the most critical when it comes to their lingual development since they have such a high retention of information.  WeSpeak! by B.Abba is a fun new application that allows young children to play and learn multiple language through a variety of flash card games and their image book.   Expatriates With Children When moving to a new country, […]

Postloop Revived! Bitcoin and Payoneer Support Coming Soon.

May 21, 2017 master 0

For those that don’t know, Postloop was a forum post exchange that allowed amateur writers to make a quick buck. The previous owner had suddenly shut down the website and sold the domain Royal Media. Since April 28th, the website had suddenly re-emerged with promises of new updates. Amongst these updates include a mobile application, more types of writing opportunities, and more payment methods. Link to Announcement Sign Up Here

Using Anonymous Ads (A-Ads) VS. Adsense

May 16, 2017 master 0

Considering the price of Bitcoin is at an all-time high, I decided to give the BTC-dispensing ad network Anonymous Ads a try. Adsense was my main money maker for most of my websites, so I merely used one banner to supplement my current income. I was quite surprised how much I actually earned with just a tiny banner. Adsense Pros: Very high CPC in comparison to other ad networks. Available to most of the world, […]

The Cheapest Way to get to Colombia From Panama

April 8, 2017 master 0

With the Darien Gap making it impossible to cross with a cheap bus, the only realistic option is to be at the mercy of the airline industry. If you look up flights on Priceline or other sites that gringos use, flights may be from $200 to $300 to get to Medellin or Bogota. Even the local Panamanian airline AirPanama charges around $150 for the brief flight. Luckily, there are flight options that are often overlooked… […]

Top 5 International Cities To Find ICT Oil Jobs

December 25, 2016 master 0

With industrialization, the demand for oil grew drastically. With this demand, ICT jobs in the oil industry had also grown significantly. This demand continues to grow each year as more industries are opened. It is for this reason that many job opportunities in the oil industry are continually being created. The advancement in technology has resulted in a need for employees that are not only knowledgeable in the oil refinery but are also ICT conversant. […]

Dutch Journalist Okke Ornstein Imprisoned 20 Months In Panama For Libel

December 2, 2016 master 0

Dutch journalist Okke Ornstein has been arrested and imprisoned in Panama on a charge of criminal libel due to his posts from his blog bananamarerepublic. The Committee to Protect Journalists, amongst other international groups, are calling for his release. The journalist wrote about exposing shady business activities by Canadian expatriate Monte Friesner. Friesner had a criminal history in Canada that had dated back all the way to 1966, and Ornstein was simply pointing it out. […]