Is a Pop Up Camper Practical for International Travel?

Is a Pop Up Camper Practical for International Travel?

Whether you are moving to a new country or simply taking going on holiday to a neighboring country, driving to your destination is likely a viable option. Unless you have a fully-equipped RV, taking your truck with a popup camper is likely the option for storage or a place to sleep while on the road. While there are considerations why not to buy a pop up camper, its practicality ultimately depends on what you’re going to be doing.


Saving Money on Hotels

Assuming you can find campgrounds or parking spaces that allow camping, you can opt to sleep in your pop-up camper in lieu of staying in hotels. While it doesn’t have the same amenities or insulation as a room, it is suitable for certain climates or during the summer.

It should be noted that it is still recommended to stay at motels with secure parking garages in high-crime areas. This deters theft or vandalism rather than being exposed within an open parking space. Even in Walmart parking lots or RV lots, there is a problem with theft that shouldn’t be ignored.


Keeping Your Stuff Dry

While driving long stretches of highway, you are bound to exposed to some rain with few stops to take refuge. This is why having a popup camper handy to be used as a storage vessel is highly recommended. You may put things like clothes, food and other volatile items that don’t fit in your cabin under the camper.



I believe the main attraction of a pop-up camper is the fact that it’s lightweight and can be packed into a small space, although it definitely varies between models. Once fully set up, you will get a huge amount of space considering its condensed size, which is why it’s great for even multiple people to sleep.

Keep in mind, it really isn’t ideal if you need to bring things like portable heaters, air conditioners or refrigeration in an attempt to make it like an RV. This is moreover a durable alternative to tents and should be used in the appropriate season.


Rent Before You Buy

If you wanted to play with the idea of buying a pop-up trailer for a long trip, it would be a good idea to rent one and try it out on a camping trip first. This would allow you to learn how to use it, what it’s like packing it up and if it really is comfortable enough to sleep in. While you may enjoy the outdoors, it might be more practical for your needs to stay in hotels or use a real RV.


Final Thoughts

It’s really up to you to assess your needs and decide to invest in a pop-up trailer. There are inconvenient aspects to it, like having to tow it or being not so well-suited for harsh weather, but it definitely has its place for long-distance travel. The materials that the product is made out of is an important deciding factor, in which you probably want something lightweight like canvas.

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