Relocating Abroad To Work At A Power Plant

Relocating Abroad To Work At A Power Plant

Did you know that there are currently more than 60 nuclear reactors being constructed around the world? As a former UK engineers, there are many opportunities available overseas. There is a strong demand for low-level and for high-skilled engineers in different countries. There are job opportunities in different fields, including design, manufacturing and production. There is a strong need for affordable energy but some countries do not have access to the right talents.

If you are thinking about relocating to work at a nuclear power plant, these tips will help you plan your move abroad.


1. Do Some Research About The Nuclear History Of The Country

Find out more about how nuclear plants are viewed in the country you are interested in. Will you have access to other opportunities once your contract ends? How long will the power plant remain open? You might be able to find similar positions at other plants, work on a decommissioning project or move to a different region. Do some research to get a better idea of what the nuclear field is like and to get an idea of the kind of opportunities you will have access to.


2. Ask About Benefits

Most employers will offer a compensation package to help you relocate. Don’t hesitate to ask for relocation assistance if you are not offered a package. This package can include your plane tickets and you might be able to get help with selling your home. Some employers offer a lump sum to help you move while others will reimburse your expenses. Find out exactly how much help from your employer you will receive before planning your move.


3. Visit The Town

Take the time to visit the town where you will be living in. Visit your new home, figure out how you will commute to the plant and do some research to find out about the activities available during the weekends. This will give you an opportunity to see what working conditions will be like, to meet your colleagues and to find out more about the local culture and customs. You should get started on turning utilities on, setting up your bank account and completing other tasks.


4. Talk To Other Expats

Talk to other engineers who have moved abroad. Ask them what their experience was like. Ask them which challenges they didn’t expect to face. Join some online message boards and groups to ask other expats for some tips. Look for expat forums so you can make some new friends and get some useful tips for your move. As you can see from this piece from Fircroft, there are plenty of jobs in this area in the UK.


6. Keep Your End Goal In Mind

Getting used to your new life will take some time. There is a Settlement Curve that includes four stages (fun, fright, fight and fit). Establish a routine as quickly as possible to avoid feeling disconnected from your old life. Stay in touch with friends and family who stayed home. Remember why you want to relocate, focus on new opportunities and keep your end goal in mind. It will be easier to stay motivated and positive if you remember your goals.