Top 5 International Cities To Find ICT Oil Jobs

With industrialization, the demand for oil grew drastically. With this demand, ICT jobs in the oil industry had also grown significantly. This demand continues to grow each year as more industries are opened. It is for this reason that many job opportunities in the oil industry are continually being created. The advancement in technology has resulted in a need for employees that are not only knowledgeable in the oil refinery but are also ICT conversant.

The top five cities outside the United States that are favorable to work in are:
5. Cairo

Oil Field In Egypt

It is the largest city in Africa. It is the second largest oil producer in Africa. According to recent research, Egypt has approximately 4.4 billion barrels of oil reserves. This comes as a guarantee that Egypt will be involved in the production of oil for a long foreseeable future. The most dominating companies in Egypt include: Apache oil corporation, BP plc. Hess corporation and the Royal Dutch Shell Corporation.
4. Perth

Perth’s Offshore Oil Rig

It is one of the smallest cities and is located in Western Australia. It is a major oil sedimentary basis. The oil industry in Australia has invested in technology. This means that the employment opportunities in Perth are beyond oil related opportunities. Perth therefore provides a good destination for work.
3. Kuala Lumpur

It is the capital city of Malaysia. It doubles up as the commercial and industrial hub for the country. The Malaysian oil fields have been estimated to contain at least 3.4 billion barrels of crude oil. It also contains 82.5 billion barrels of natural gas. The rate of industrialization in Malaysia is very high due to its double digit economic growth. This means that the demand for oil products in the country is on the rise. The situation provides an entrepreneurial opportunity for new companies to join the oil industry. New oil related companies, or the expansion of already existing companies result in more employment opportunities, which make Malaysia a favorite destination for work.
2. Rio de Janeiro

It is the continent’s oil hub. Brazil possesses at least 14 billion barrels of oil. It is the major oil exporter in South America. This makes the city a strategic destination for work.
1. Mumbai

India boasts of hosting the world’s largest oil field, the Mumbai High field. Alone, this oil field provides approximately 65% of all the oil consumed in India. Mumbai being the center of the oil industry in India, many oil companies have their headquarters there. It therefore provides unique job opportunities for people involved in the oil industry.