Dutch Journalist Okke Ornstein Imprisoned 20 Months In Panama For Libel

Dutch journalist Okke Ornstein has been arrested and imprisoned in Panama on a charge of criminal libel due to his posts from his blog bananamarerepublic. The Committee to Protect Journalists, amongst other international groups, are calling for his release.

The journalist wrote about exposing shady business activities by Canadian expatriate Monte Friesner. Friesner had a criminal history in Canada that had dated back all the way to 1966, and Ornstein was simply pointing it out. Whether or not Ornstein’s claims were correct, Ornstein was convicted of criminal defamation in December of 2012 and received an unusual sentence of 20 months in Panamanian prison. He had been allowed to live as a free man in Panama City until his arrest on November 15th.


His blog is currently shut down. You may still see some of his older articles using archive.org.

Archives of his blog : //web.archive.org/web/20160117141752///www.bananamarepublic.com/

Snapshot from his old blog:


Support his cause: //freeokkeornstein.nationbuilder.com


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