Quick Guide To Using Bitcoin As A Digital Nomad

Receive Your Paycheck Using Bitcoins


If you receive payments via ACH direct deposit, then you may convert your paycheck Bitcoin using Bitwage. The coins will be converted and deposited to your external wallet, such asĀ  your blockchain.info walet. The service is also known to work with Amazon Payments and Amazon Seller accounts. You may check out their conversion rates here.


Withdraw Bitcoins Into Cash At International ATM’s


Your first card will cost $16.99 and there is a $1 per month service fee. Domestic transactions are charged a $2.50 fee and international transactions are $3. The foreign currency exchange rate is fixed at 3%.



The cost of the initial debit card is $20 with a $12 annual fee. The withdraw fee is $2.50 per transaction in your home country and $3.50 at international ATM machines. The foreign exchange rate is 3% of the total transaction.


Point-Of-Sale Solutions


You may accept Bitcoin, fiat currency for a mixture of the two with Coinify. Their Coinify POS mobile app works with Android and IOS.




CoinKite offers handheld bitcoin payment terminals that look just like chip-and-PIN terminals that you see at brick and mortar stores. The terminal also functions as a bitcoin ATM and can also print QR codes for customers.




By default, you may accept Bitcoin as a payment method with Shopify.



Coinbase is a payment processor with 0% fees. They offer widgets that may be implemented within WordPress, WooCommerce, Megento and ZenCart.


Travel Using Bitcoins



Travel for coins converts your Bitcoins to be used on Expedia.com and Hotels.com. They do not charge additional fees on top of their exchange rate.